25 Celebs Caught Picking Their Nose in Public

Nose picking is a bad habit that everyone has, but finds it pretty hard to admit. When caught picking your nose, you will readily shake it off by saying it was just a slight scratch. Think you are the only one who tries to scratch your brain through your nose?

Well, brace up for a surprise as there are certain celebrities who have been nabbed by the lens while at it. If you would chance on asking them, they are sure to say it was only a simple itch, but the photos have more to add to it.

1. Jennifer Anniston

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Jennifer was pretty occupied with looking for gold up her nose.

2. Adam Sandler

Next time before you do that, look around for cameras.

3. Matt Damon

Call that a scratch? I beg to disagree!

4. Prince Harry

Try to hide before doing that.

5. Ed Westwick

Caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

6. Hillary Clinton

She may be tough as nails but she sure can’t fight the urge to pick her nose.

7. Hillary Duff

Just dig a little dipper, you are almost there.

8. The Queen

A royal finger up a royal nose, what a moment!

9. Brad Pitt

Brad is just lost in his own world.

10. Tom cruise

Tom appears to be having a bad nose day.

11. Kate Hudson

You can run but you can’t hide, one of these days, the camera will get you, Kate knows this better than anybody else.

12. John Travolta

Next time, before leaving the house, please remember to bring a handkerchief to avoid such embarrassments.

13. Lindsey Lohan

Try larger sunglasses that reach down your nose so that nobody sees you doing that.

14. Kelly Rowland

After such a session, Kelly will surely need a manicure.

15. Rosie O’Donnell

Yes, that is just a scratch, only that you took it a little too high.

16. Britney Spears

If she went higher even by a single inch, the next thing she would be touching is her brain.

17. Mariah Carey

Mariah certainly shouted Gotcha! When she found what she was looking for.

18. Steve Coogan

Steve is quite the go getter.

19. Kim Cattrall

Don’t you have a tissue or something? What you are doing is not so cool.

20. Chris Hemsworth

That’s got to be a large piece.

21. Jake Gyllenhaal

That is a warning signal Jake is sending right there, better be ready to take cover.

22. Diane Keaton

That is an ambitious search right there.

23. Clive Owen

Wish you all the best in finding what you are digging for.

24. Wilmer Valderrama

Don’t do it too hard, you might tear your nose.

25. Ethan Hawke

Looks like Ethan had one of those talus creeping by.

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