At 56, Elizabeth Hurley’s Legs Are So Sculpted in a Minidress on Instagram

Can a walking brace be chic? Elizabeth Hurley says absolutely!

The 56-year-old Austin Powers star posed for Christmas snaps in a barely-there Versace minidress that’s serving major Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday vibes. (Of course, she looked amazing.) And she proudly showed off her ankle injury—looking chic while doing so.

“Happy Christmas!! Distracted from my #ankleinjury by whom I got in my stocking 😘😘😘🎄🎄🎄 @versace @donatella_versace,” she captioned the photos. She also posed with a realistic enough cutout of Liam Neeson that I had to double-check Mr. Taken wasn’t in the building himself.

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Friends and fans loved Hurley’s look and sense of humor, quickly filling up the comments with their Christmas wishes: “STUNNING!!!!! You are incredible @elizabethhurley1 💥💥🔥🔥💘💘,” wrote fashion designer Donatella Versace. Actor Margo Stilley said, “All I want for Christmas is to be just like @elizabethhurley1 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💣💥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.” While Vogue UK editor Edward Enninful commented, “Merry Christmas @elizabethhurley1. Hope to see more of you in 22 ❤️.”

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But in all earnestness: The model and actress is looking beyond stunning. But how exactly does she achieve that, considering her schedule? Well, busy women need to fit in their workouts where they fit in! The queen of “found fitness” told Women’s Health that she loves to get her steps in and heart rate up throughout the course of her regular day: “I don’t really do any set exercise, per se, because I prefer to get my exercise from doing something than being in the gym,” she said.

And that can mean anything from doing squats while she brushes her teeth in the morning, going for long walks with her dog first thing in the morning, or gardening. ICYMI: Hurley is a big fan of logging (yes, actual logging), raking leaves, and all of those other tasks I used to try getting out of as a kid. “I do a lot of exercise, but it’s really the gardening… cutting down a hedge, using my chainsaw to cut down a tree, logging, all of that stuff I do,” she said in an interview with Extra.

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“I do as much outside during the winter as I do during the summer,” she explains to WH. “Not only do I feel, well, actually exhausted, but also I feel that I’ve got the leaves up, which is also a nice thing. I’d rather do housework than go to the gym…I’d rather scrub a mirror—it does just as much.”

As for her diet, Hurley tries to eat whole and natural foods as often as possible. “All through summer we eat fruit and vegetables from my own garden. I used to have a small organic farm, and all the meat my son ate was from the farm,” she told The Cut. “Obviously that’s not possible for most people, but supporting local farmers wherever you live is a good thing.”

Excuse me while I scrub all the surfaces of my home. It’s Elizabeth Hurley’s way!

From: Women’s Health US

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