“Beautiful in any way:” Plump Selena Gomez put on a tight dress, showing folds at the waist

The famous American performer S. Gomez once again proves that she does not care about the discussions of the gained kilograms at all, and calmly puts on tight outfits.

The celebrity showed up at one of the recent events wearing a form-fitting sparkly dress that highlighted both her talents and shortcomings.

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So, on the side of the dress, a neckline could be seen from which folds could be seen, showing that Selena had put on weight.

Gomez was self-assured, attractive with a dazzling grin, suggesting that her extra weight did not affect her at all.

“A wonderful girl”, “She is chic in any appearance”, “Perfect, no matter what,” the fans of the performer noted.

But not everyone was able to accept the different appearance of Selena. For example, many people advised celebrities to think about losing weight and getting their body in order to wear such outfits.

What do you think about Gomez’s appearance?

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