Bella Thorne Sizzles In Faux See-Through Dress With Sister Dani: Photos

Bella Thorne makes a mesmerizing appearance at the red carpet dressed in a risqué optical illusion outfit. The star showed up in the Los Angeles fan screening of the superhero film Morbius on Wednesday night.

The 24 year-old actress slipped into a skintight raunchy red dress. Her outfit was fashioned in the cleverest manner so as to look as if it was entirely see-through. The star looked like she was braless underneath the dress.

Bella attended the flashy screening along with her 29 year-old elder sister Dani Thorne, who also looked absolutely breathtaking on the red carpet.

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Bella Thorne created a raunchy optical illusion on the red carpet of a Los Angeles fan screening of Morbius

Morbius is the story of a vampire supervillain of the same name who first makes an appearance in Marvel comics. But the film is the work of Sony Pictures rather than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film is set for its theatrical release on April Fool’s Day. The main lead of the film is Jared Leto. accompanying him is a stellar ensemble of cast that includes The Crown alumni Jared Harris and Matt Smith.

Bella Thorne decided to rock a skin tight garment that accentuated her fabulous body to its full capacity. The star flaunted her choice of style as she turned around for pictures at the premiere.

Thorne allowed her strawberry blonde hair to loosely cascade down to her shoulders. Her bold facial features boasted themselves with the flawless makeup finished with a slick of deep red lipstick.

She wore a skintight red dress that was designed to look as if it were completely see-through and she was bra-less underneath

Bella carried her elevated figure on a glinting pair of wine-colored stilettos and added glam to the racy outfit with accessories like rings and a watch.

Dani Thorne Looks Equally Stunning In Biker Chick Look

On the other hand, Dani selected a revealing biker girl chic look. She sported a fascinating  plunging black leather bra-lette that flashed plenty of flesh.

She paired her high-cut mini-skirt with platform black leather boots. All in all, the outfit gave the spotlight to her perfectly toned legs as she stood alongside her little sister for a series of snaps.

To add more glam to her racy look, she accessorized the ensemble with a black leather choker that was studded with metallic spikes.

She attended the swank affair with her 29 year-old elder sister Dani Thorne

Dani rocked a biker girl chic, clasping on a plunging black leather bra-lette that flashed plenty of flesh

Dani Thorne wore her platinum blonde hair in really cool streaks that featured red and aquamarine highlights. The color looked great with the makeup she wore.

Bella Thorne’s dress was designed by one Sergio Castano Pena. The designer went on to share his vision behind his work on his Instagram page.

‘This project takes a stance against war, violence and oppression,’ he wrote. ‘As well I totally do not support lacks of democracy, freedom or human rights.’

While heading to the evening’s festivities Bella fired up her Insta Stories to post a bit of footage of herself and Dani in the car

On their way to the premiere of the film, Bella took to her Instagram stories to share some clips of herself and Dani in the car.

Bella Thorne made a suggestive pose as she stuck her tongue out for the camera as the beautiful pair of sisters sizzling danced along to Perfect by Cousin Stizz featuring City Girls.

When it comes to her romantic escapades Bella Thorne’s name has often come up with Mod Sun and Scott Disick. But that was history. Because Bella is currently engaged to Italian heartthrob Benjamin Mascolo.

Morbius follows a vampire supervillain of the same name who originates in Marvel comics

Jared Leto stars as the title character amid The Crown alumni Jared Harris and Matt Smith

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