Brian Austin Green Had Some Praise For Megan Fox After Another Ex Makes Claim About One Of His Kids

Brian Austin Green currently juggles being the father of five sons who come from three different mothers. While we’ve heard in the past that Green and ex-wife Megan Fox share a “healthy co-parenting relationship” for their three kids, and life with his current partner Sharna Burgess and their 8-month-year-old is going great, apparently his connection with the mother of his first son, Vanessa Marcil is a bit rockier.

Brian Austin Green was with his Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Vanessa Marcil from 1999 to 2003. They have a son together named Kᴀssius Lijah Marcil-Green, who is currently 20 years old. When Marcil held a social media Q&A this week, the actress claimed that she and Green “didn’t & don’t co-parent. I raised my son alone.” The actor took to his Instagram account to respond with these words:

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So, I can’t tell you all how frustrating it is to read continued lies from a 50+ year old woman on social media like she is still in high school. She has never in her life been someone to walk the walk. Talk is cheap. Megan and I bust our ᴀsses to give Kᴀss a well rounded childhood since his mom was rarely there. I’m ᴀssuming that’s why she posts so much of him now. When will she just GO AWAY.

Brian Austin Green took sH๏τs at one ex while praising Megan Fox for being with him on raising his first son to make sure he had a “well rounded childhood” after Marcil claimed she brought up their son alone. Check out the post here:

The post is telling of Brian Austin Green’s relationship with Vanessa Marcil, which doesn’t sound as positive as the one he shares with his other significant ex and co-parent, Megan Fox. When it comes to his relationship with Fox, they were together for over 15 years, getting married in 2010, and then announcing they had separated in 2020, finalizing their divorce in 2021.

Since Green and Fox’s separation, both of them have moved on with other relationships as they raise their three children, 10-year-old Noah, 9-year-old Bodhi and 6-year-old Journey. Green has been dating Dancing With The Stars pro dancer Sharna Burgess since 2020, and they welcomed their first son in June of that year, who Megan Fox has already met. Fox on the other hand is engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, which Green has said he thinks is “amazing.”  Plus, apparently, their kids get along with MGK and the couple recently spent the holidays as a family.

It definitely sounds like Green and Fox have been able to make co-parenting work, but the same cannot be said about his first experience co-parenting with an ex. While Marcil claims she raised their son together, Green has fired back that it was himself and Fox who raised Kᴀssius the most consistently.

Amid some new developments from Green regarding his exes, the actor and Megan Fox are both set to star in a couple of 2023’s new movie releases. Brian Austin Green will be in a romance movie called Beautiful Disaster, coming out on April 12, whereas Fox is set to star in The Expendables 4, hitting theaters this September.

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