Did Jessica Chastain And Salma Hayek Wear The Same Dress At The 2023 Golden Globes?

The 2023 Golden Globes have come and gone bringing new winning actors and a bunch of new fashion statements. Two of the best dressed of the night were Salma Hayek and Jessica Chastain and while they did not pose together many were claiming that both actresses wore the same dress.

Such a claim is almost impossible to happen given that we can bet that the most famous fashion houses must have extensive details about who is wearing what. So, long story short, Sama Hayek and Jessica Chastain did not wear the same dress at the 2023 Golden Globes but, they were so similar that made everyone take a double look.

With a couple of silver sparkly lines, tight figure form, and the very exact same color, both Hayek’s and Chastain’s gowns made everyone believe that a fashion emergency happening on the red carpet.

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However, the big first difference was that each was wearing a different brand. Firstly, the Frida star wore a Gucci dress while Chastain wore an Oscar de La Renta. Funnily enough, the redhead did wear Gucci but only her rings.


From there, differences can be spotted easily and quickly. The Mexican star wore her dress with a loose updo and the dress included short sleeves, completing the look with silver platforms. Meanwhile, the American actress had her red hair in a tight bun while her dress was strapless, and with the silver details looking like a very glamorous spiderweb.

Salma Hayek and Jessica Chastain Brought Something No One Else Had At The Golden Globes Red Carpet

Jessica wore something that no one else on the red carpet wore (not even Hayek) and that was a very stylish face mask, following COVID-19 protocols. “Best mask clearly goes to Jessica Chastain… who said COVID-19 protocols can’t be fashionable?” one person wrote on social media while another added, “Jessica Chastain always understands the assignment when it comes to the red carpet.”

Sama Hayek

As for the decision, the actress admitted that she can’t get sick because she is in the middle of a project, plus, she is taking care of the ones working with her.  “I’m a little nervous about getting sick. But, I got my mask,” she said. “You have to be so careful in the theater because I don’t want to let my cast down,” she said, according to E! News.

But wait, because Salma Hayek was not wearing a face mask but also brought something unique to the gala. A pulparindo, which is a fan-favorite Mexican snack that includes tamarind, salt, and chili powder. The actress did not speak about it, but several clips show her with the candy in her hand, already making everyone at home proud.

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