Disgusting Things All Women Love To Do

Women/girls are often deemed to be delicate human beings. They are also compared to be seen as precious little flowers who even for a moment wouldn’t dare to indulge in anything that seems inhumanely or unladylike.

However, this is completely false as women can actually be quite disgusting too. There are a few things girls do alone and it is pretty weird. Though, women may not be as filthy as guys, they surely have a share in being weird in some of the things they do.

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To prove that women too can get down to dirty business, Boldsky has taken the privilege of stating some of the disgusting things all girls do when they are alone and even if they are staying together in a hostel. Take a look at the list of disgusting things that almost every woman has or does in life. You will be amazed to read these.

The Love For Bras – Our love for bras is so deep that it rarely sees water. Even though we might have a whole drawer full of bras, we only tend to pick a few to wear and call them our favourites. However, the most disgusting thing all girls do is wear that favourite bra for more than two days in a row and somehow pass by the thought of why it needs to be washed.

We Are Gold Diggers – The moment we come across a man picking his nose, its an ewww. But, don’t we all women do the same? Yes, this is another disgusting thing all girls do. We pick our noses, roll the dirt and never forget to flick it away! Don’t Talk About Shaving – If you happen to see us in our sweat pants or a full sleeved top when we have an opportunity for hot shorts and sleeveless, it is only because we haven’t shaved! Women hate the concept of shaving! Don’t even get started on waxing and how painful it is!

Oooo Taking A Pee In The Shower – Have you ever wondered why women take long to have a shower? Well, it is only because we totally enjoy every moment of it, and also we do some of the most disgusting things in there. There are some women who find peeing while taking a shower to be a fancy idea. It’s water to water, what difference can it make!

The Makeup Mess – One of the most disgusting things most women do almost everyday is to never remove the makeup before going to bed. Though it is an important tip to keep your skin looking clean, we women somehow pass it off. The disgusting thing though is reapplying makeup over the stale eyeliner! Haven’t we disgusted you guys enough with these disgusting and weird things we all women do? The moral of the story – After all this, you still love us!

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