Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Enviable Figure In Swim-suit: Photos

The British beauty, Elizabeth Harley has toned abs that could give any woman over 50 the shred of inspiration needed to tone the aging figure. And clearly, the actress is representing women of all ages.

Hollywood is brimming with women of ageless beauty that continue to steal the show with their looks. And Elizabeth Hurley has found a name in the long list of female celebrities that strive regardless of their age, and send out the message that life means living to the fullest.

While it has taken a long road for her to get there, Hurley flaunts the body of a 20 year-old while being in her 50s. This was showcased in a recent slew of swimsuit photos. And the actress clearly has no plans to stop her journey towards building a healthier body.

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Elizabeth Stuns In Red Swim-suit

Elizabeth Harley stuns in red swim-suit

Liz Hurley looks absolutely breathtaking in a gorgeous red swim-suit as she poses alongside a pink flamingo floatie. The swimsuit highlights her flawlessly toned arms and legs, and flat stomach. Liz gazes into the camera, serving up her signature suggestive look.

Hurley looks effortlessly comfortable in her habitat as she relaxes in the pool. She radiates a carefree personality which caught the hearts of her ardent 2.3 million followers on Instagram. Elizabeth is roaring an irresistible sex appeal and her fans are here to praise it.

Elizabeth Hurley Posts To Encourage Women In Their 50s

She is an inspiration to all women her age

Liz follows the same approach as Salma Hayek. Both women constantly shout-out that life is short and we must live it to its full capacity. Elizabeth Hurley shares her swimsuit photos not only to feel empowered herself, but also to inspire thousands of other women.

Not only that, she has made it clear that her new regime makes her feel powerful, and she has no plans of giving it up any time soon. There are millions of women across the world who share the same thought process as Elizabeth. It is no surprise that the actress continues to make it to the limelight even after thirty years of being in Hollywood.

Hurley’s Secret To Staying Fit

Ageless beauty Elizabeth Harley flaunts her toned abs

Unlike most, Elizabeth Hurley does not have a habit of hitting the gym to maintain that stunning figure. Instead, Liz indulges in home workouts and in her garden to keep toning her body.

She also includes various exercises into her routine to stay fit. These include squatting while brushing her teeth in the mornings and walking her dogs for brisk 20-minute walks.

Hurley also finds gardening therapeutic for her mind and body. During the summers, Liz can be found outdoors with her tools, trimming those bushes as she maintains her blooming garden in order.

As for her eating habits, Elizabeth prefers consuming simple, natural food that is free of additives and chemicals. Clearly, these steps are not extreme and they can be followed by literally anyone who wishes to stay fit. If it can work for Liz, it can work for you too!

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