Emily Ratajkowski Pays Tribute To Megan Fox (And Jennifer’s Body) Amidst Actress’ Social Media Absence

Megan Fox has been the queen of trends on social media for years now. Fox was the actress to spur the naked dress trend and went viral for see-through skirts before Florence Pugh ever freed the nipple. Lately, however, she’s cooled down on the social media posts amidst a rekindling of her romance with Machine Gun Kelly. In her absence, fellow fashionista Emily Ratajkowski is paying tribute to the Jennifer’s Body star.

In fact, the actress and model proved how much of a fan she is of the Jennifer’s Body star after she literally threw back to the 2009 cult classic in a recent Instagram Stories post. She donned a black graphic tee with Fox’s face – appropriately featuring blood, considering the movie subject – on it as an homage to the actress. Take a look.

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While Emily Ratajkowski’s notable fashion moments frequently involve a ʙικιɴι, this is significant, as the two stars honestly do seem to have a lot in common. They’ve both been Hollywood “it” girls known for fashion and maintaining incredible physiques. They’ve also both been open about the impact the world’s responses to their looks have had on their mental health. She wrote a book of essays called My Body (opens in new tab)in which she brought up her complicated relationship with being seen as a Sєx symbol after her work in the “Blurred Lines” music video. She called it “gratifying” but also two-sided in some ways to be seen as a muse, writing:

Megan Fox has also had complicated feelings about being a Sєx symbol. While she’s been noticed more for her relationship with MGK in recent months, her early career was spent as an actress noted for her looks in flicks like Jennifer’s Body and Transformers, but she’s admitted in the past she had a “genuine breakdown” after being objectified so much.

It’s not just the Sєx symbol thing the two share either. Both are also moms and fashionistas. Ratajkowski also rocked a see-through look herself, also following in the actress’ footsteps.

In addition, it’s worth noting she has been a big defender of Megan Fox in the past. She’s spoken about how This is 40 did the actress dirty and basically set her character up to be objectified during the duration of the film. She told Amy Schumer during a Tribeca Film Festival appearance (via People):

That movie is hilarious and very spot-on. I recommend everybody who has a husband or wife and kids to watch it, [but] Megan Fox is treated in it so badly… That movie is not aging well.

Obviously, she’s a big fan. While this low-key fashion nod is certainly in honor of that fandom, with Fox out of the social media game right now and even vacationing to repair her relationship amidst the MGK cheating drama, perhaps it’s time we gave Emily Ratajkowski a little more notice for her own viral fashion moments as well. Particularly when they are an homage to a fashion fave.

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