Eye catching! Heidi on the eve of her 50th birthday sunbathes tоpless on the lawn

German model Heidi Klum will celebrate her fiftieth birthday on June 1st. However, you can’t tell from it – age does not affect Klum in any way. It seems as if she has unraveled the secret of eternal youth.

A steel press, long legs, a face without wrinkles – any young girl will envy such a figure. The swimsuit season is open again. And this time the model surprised fans with a new selfie. I

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n the photo, Heidi poses in a brown thong, basking in the sun in her garden. The model forgot about the top of the swimsuit – who needs tanning strips.

To prevent anything extra from getting into the frame, Heidi prudently let her hair down. Such a photograph does not seem vulgar at all, despite the frankness.

Of course, the model strives to keep up with her young husband. Tom Kaulitz is 33 years old. The difference of 17 years does not bother the couple, because the model looks much younger than her age. Tom is proud of his wife and often appears with her at social events.

Heidi is the mother of four children, but childbirth did not affect her at all. At the same time, the model has repeatedly said that she does not abuse diets. She just prefers to eat healthy.

Her diet includes lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. And homemade food helps her maintain her figure. The model prefers to know what’s on her plate. And this diet is paying off.

In addition, in order to have such a luxurious figure at 49 years old, the model includes sports in her schedule. Previously, Heidi worked with the famous coach of Hollywood stars David Kirsch.

It was he who helped her quickly lose weight after each birth. However, now the supermodel does not adhere to the training plan.

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