Gross Things Most Girls Have Done That Are Also Totally Normal

From peeing in the shower for convenience to smelling your own armpits to check for odor, we’ve compiled a list of gross habits that women still do on a daily basis. While some of these customs seem crazy, most also happen to be totally normal. Before you get too grossed out, please read below — you’re in for a comedic treat! Plus, chances are you’ll find a few familiar habits. Don’t worry, we’re not judging (too much).

Greasy Girl

This first confession isn’t even gross, just greasy. Then again, greasy can tip over into being gross very easily. Though, when life gets crazy busy, often our personal maintenance takes a backseat.

Fast Weight Loss for need puravive

Yes, good hygiene is priority but so is work, assignments, child care, groceries… you get the point. So ladies, if you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair — put it up in a top know bun and give yourself a break!

Hamper Couture

It’s very common to have your top-pick clothing items. Though, as a result, you only end up wearing 1/3 of your closet. That’s all fine and dandy but what happens when those priority pieces pile up in the laundry hamper?

No problem — simply remove them from that pile and continue to wear them with pride until they start to reek. Then you’re left with two choices. Either bid your clothes a temporary farewell while they get washed or do the old perfume trick.

The Perfect Cover Up

Sometimes, life gets in the way and certain healthy habits fall away. For example, when you’re swamped with your job and working crazy hours, your social life and workout regime become compromised.

With that, your self-care rituals start to diminish — and next thing you know — you’re looking and smelling like a hot mess. Luckily quick fixes like dry shampoo, perfume, and deodorant can help prolong your much-needed shower.

Feeling it Out

When we think about all the weird places we put our fingernails, it actually makes us want to wash our hands. From picking our noses to scratching our teeth, our poor nails are constantly put in the line of fire.

Then again, what else are we going to use to do all our inspecting with? Perhaps we should wear surgical gloves all day and that way we can keep our fingernails clean and hygienic. Plus, now that masks are the norm the gloves make more sense.

Yay for Laundry

Why is it that we wait until we no longer have clean clothes to finally do the laundry? Is it because we’re lazy? Too busy? Just silly? To be fair, it’s probably a combination of all three. We understand that people have to prioritize other daily commitments but we draw the line at underwear.

You need clean panties and socks to start the day right. Clothing is a different ballgame. You can always wear sweats if it’s laundry day but there’s no substitute to your underwear.

Just Playing

Oftentimes we’ll have a zit, scab or cold sore on our face and instead of leaving it alone and applying the right ointments, we do the opposite. We pick, poke and prod the area of concern until we’ve made the problem worse.

No, it isn’t logical and yes, we shouldn’t do it but let’s be real, we’re never going to stop. We all get some kind of weird satisfaction out of it but then somehow get surprisingly upset when we look in the mirror to see what we’ve done.

What You Don’t See

We’ve already mentioned that you can get away with more when it comes to your underwear. When it comes to everyday bras, women generally look for the softest and most supportive/comfortable design.

So, when you find that needle in a haystack, you never let it go. In other words, a good bra is hard to come by and we understand not wanting to take it off. However, come the end of the week, try to make a point of washing your trusty brassiere.

A Hot Mess

We often find that we start doing this bad habit when we’re stressed about something. While a stress ball would be a better solution, sadly we all usually just resort to nail-biting or picking. And it’s all fun and games until your hands are left looking like this.

Believe it or not, the power lies with you… Try your very best to practice self-discipline and not destroy your pretty little nails. Better alternatives include freewriting, long walks in nature, or getting creative with arts and crafts.


When you love and adore an item of clothing, a few holes aren’t going to stop you from wearing it. Of course, if the garment is so old that it’s falling apart then maybe it’s time for a trip to the shops. However, until then you should hold onto your favorite undies.

Why not? If they give you joy and you like wearing them, it’s not harming anyone! We know we’re sounding like preaches in favor of the old panties but that’s fine. In fact, it’s totally true!

Party Girl

There are two reasons for us forgetting to take off our makeup. Either we partied too hard and passed out before cleaning our face and teeth, or we were just too tired. Though both are bad excuses.

Not taking your makeup off always ends in zits. It’s inevitable! Instead of putting yourself through a few days of bad skin, always keep wet wipes next to you and try to get yourself to do a quick cleanse in the bathroom.

Let it Go

Truthfully, we don’t see anything wrong with this next one though we know that many people will disagree. We don’t mind being controversial — it’s the 21st century and it’s cool to stand with the less popular voters.

Also, if you’re enjoying a nice long shower and all of a sudden need to make a number one, it makes more sense to just stay in your warm surrounding and as they say in Frozen, “Let it go.”

Don’t Sit Down

Public toilets can be a health hazard so when it comes to using the bathroom, ladies have two options. Either you pad the seat with tons of toilet paper before sitting down, or you can hold your best squatting position. We stand by the latter decision. Get it?

Not only does squatting provide a mini workout for your legs and booty, but it’s also the safer option as you don’t ever touch the toilet. Good personal hygiene is so important, especially in these times.

Don’t Blush Now

Like every other product on the shelf, your makeup requires a good spring clean from time to time. In fact, according to experts, we should be washing our makeup brushes every day. Since that’s realistically not going to happen, it should at least be done weekly.

Many of you are probably blushing with embarrassment right now (get it?), because you’re realizing how far behind you are on this chore. Listen, ladies — it’s never too late to fix a bad habit. Try starting now!

Partying it Up

We all have those crazy nights where we get to bed far too late to care about washing our face. We can excuse this if it happens infrequently. However, we can’t condone not cleaning your face for a whole weekend. That is just troublesome.

Your skin will activate its revenge plan by breaking out in zits. That’s sadly what happens when you let bacteria build up and clog your pores. Remember girls, be nice to your skin and you’ll glow — reject it and you’ll pay!

Popping Bubbles

Chewing gum is undoubtedly a bad habit. However, there are plenty worse ones such as drinking in excess or being glued to your phone. While it would be safer to condemn the act of gum chewing, we offer a realistic solution.

Practice this habit in moderation. Allow yourself a piece of gum as a reward for doing a small task. Otherwise, if you need to fidget to distract yourself from boredom, nerves, or stress, simply drink water. Now, that’s a healthy habit!

Pajama Party Continued

With the everlasting struggle of the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. With this lifestyle change, so too have people’s wardrobes for obvious reasons. A funny common occurrence for online meetings today is to get half-dressed.

Meaning that you’ve got your business look on top for your bosses to see and then your old granny PJ bottoms below the surface. While we’re totally on board with this dress style, we do think it’s best to change your pajamas every second day or so.

Free the Pits

We’re all for freeing yourself of having to constantly shave. It’s a hassle and it also really sucks when you cut yourself with the blade. So, we’re happy to delay the armpit-shaving process but that doesn’t mean to say we’re going to be proud of each growing hair.

We come in peace when we say there are cooler things to admire on our bodies. For example, have you ever analyzed your belly button? It’s such an interesting feature.

Keeping Warm

During the winter months, we can all be a bit lax on our grooming routines. While many men and women prefer to shave, wax or laser their legs for sports or personal preference, we can become too cold to care.

While having prickly legs is not desirable, there are some weird perks. For example, the leg hair adds an extra layer of warmth and sometimes it’s enjoyable to stroke your newly fuzzy situation. What are your thoughts on this one?

These Pockets Ain’t Loyal

While having back pockets in our jeans are a standard must-have, that doesn’t mean to say that they’re of any use to us. While we like the style of distressed jeans, it will cause a lot of personal distress if we were to shatter our phones due to their impracticality.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Levelled Up

Receiving an ugly reindeer sweater as a gift on Christmas is pretty much expected. Often, the whole family wears them together for the annual Christmas card and you feel less embarrassed because you’re all looking funny together. However, the same can’t be said for these pajama pants.

What Do You See?

Remember that bodycon dress that went viral on the internet when people were seeing it in different colors? Well, this next fashion fail is reminding us of it. This TV presenter appears to be giant-headed at first with her black dress and small hands on her hips, however, if you do a double-take, her outfit becomes more clear.

She is in fact not a bobblehead, but a beautiful woman dressed in a white blazer with black detailing. While her look is totally chic at second glance, we have to award it a fashion fail for the optical illusion.

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