I’m a Megan Fox look-alike in the military — the guys tease me constantly

A woman working in the military is sharing how she’s treated compared to her male counterparts — leaving commenters bickering over whether or not it’s acceptable.

Kerra Buerger — dubbed G.I. Jane Megan Fox by one TikTok user for her striking resemblance to the “Transformers” star — posted a video, writing “What it’s like being a female in a male dominated career field,” to illustrate how she feels at work.

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In the clip — which has been viewed more than 9 million times — she uses a sound bite of a woman trying to speak while a group of men yell and swear to cut her off, with the blue-eyed beauty pantomiming along to the clip, repeatedly trying to say something.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” she captioned the clip.

Although the sound bite isn’t her recording — merely an example of how she feels at work — many comments said the dynamic reflects that her male peers treat her as though she’s “one of the boys.”

“Well that’s how men are to each other. So if they treat you that way, then they accepted you as one of them,” a user wrote.

“It’s what happens in the military,” another bluntly said.

“They’re just talking to u like they talk to each other,” one user said, with another user replying write: “They really aren’t though.”

Others agreed it wasn’t uncommon in a field of work dominated by one gender.

“As a female Marine I can say this is [100%] accurate,” another user agreed.

“I feel this LOL I work in a heavily dominated female field and it’s honestly awkward for me to be a lonely guy where I work,” one user added.

Others were fixated on Buerger’s striking looks.

“I literally thought you were Megan Fox,” wrote a user.

“Transformers money ran out,” she jokingly replied.

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