Jennifer Aniston has left her fans divided after she revealed she will dye her gray hair until the end

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969. She was born to an actor and it wasn’t surprising when she went on to study music, art, and performing arts in a school in New York.

It was hard getting gigs after graduating and only got her breakthrough after appearing in Friends. She played the role of Racheal Green for 10 seasons.


Jennifer got married to Brad Pitt in 2000. The fans couldn’t get enough of them and hoped they were going to get a mini them, but they choose not to address the topic. Her marriage to Brad Pitt came to an end in 2005 and he went on to date Angelina Jolie.

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In 2015 she got married to actor Justin Theroux, but their marriage was short-lived as it ended two years after During their stay together, the fans raised the issue of kids and the actress decided it was time she spoke her mind.


“No one considers that it might be a sensitive subject for my partner and me. They don’t know what I go through emotionally or medically. There is pressure on women to be mothers, and if they are not, then they are damaged. Maybe my purpose on this planet is not to procreate. Maybe I’m meant to do other things.” She hoped to put the matter at rest once and for all.


The fans seems not to be having what she was saying and went on to pry into her private life. One went as far as calling her childless, thatwas her breaking point as she released another piece saying, “We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own “happily ever after” for ourselves,” she opined. She added that she may someday choose to be a mother but not because she feels incomplete without being one.”

Aniston has always been open and vocal about her looks especially when news started flying that she had cosmetic surgery. She went on to debut the rumor saying she is comfortable with what God gave her.

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She admitted doing a little touch to her hair especially after finding gray hairs on her 40th birthday.

“I found a long gray hair, and it kind of flipped me out. It brought me to tears, slightly,” she said.

Aniston’s hair is quite spectacular because of its luster and she vows to maintain it like that until the bitter end. She said she is going to continue covering them and this has left her fans divided.

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“So she’ll grow old and die with colored hair. Ok fine,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another said, “Good for her. Gray hair sucks!!”

There are different takes on her decision. What do you think?

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