Jennifer Aniston’s Stunning Sanctuary: Inside the Star’s Gorgeous $21 Million Bel Air Mansion

Jennifer Aniston‘s home is where her heart is! The actress has given fans various peeks inside of her gorgeous $21 million Bel Air estate ever since she joined Instagram in October 2019.

The former Friends star is a self-confessed homebody, and there’s nowhere else she’d rather be than roaming her 8,500-square-foot house she purchased in 2011 and lovingly decorated to her own tastes.

During the COVID lockdown when many people were going stir crazy, The Morning Show actress admitted during an April 2, 2020, remote appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she hadn’t left her home in three weeks … and was perfectly fine! “I’m a born agoraphobe,” Jen admitted about being home alone, adding, “This is kind of a dream — not a dream, it’s obviously a nightmare. But me personally, it’s not been that much of a challenge.”

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Jen went on to describe how she passed the time cleaning out various closets inside her mansion and finding so many incredible pieces of memorabilia that she forgot she had. More than a year later, she admitted to the host on a September 20, 2021, return to Kimmel that, “I’ve been in the house a lot. I’ve rearranged furniture … I went from the set from Sony studios to shoot [The] Morning Show right back to my house.”

Before joining Instagram, the actress showed off her house — which she used to share with former husband Justin Theroux before their February 2018 split — on SmartWater’s Instagram, during a one-day account takeover in December 2017.

In a series of six photos, Jen showed off her stunning property’s minimalist yet rustic aesthetic, and the Friends actress definitely found the perfect balance between classic and modern design in her home. Fans were lucky to have gotten a glimpse of Jen’s kitchen, two living rooms and part of the exterior of the house but kept some privacy by not showing any photos of her bedroom. Nonetheless, fans were grateful for the little peek showing Jen looking so comfy and cozy at home, especially with her beloved pet dogs.

Her pooches have been one of the main ways that the We’re the Millers star continues to show fans her home via Instagram, along with how she preps for various awards shows. Fans were able to get a look at her massive walk-in closet with numerous wardrobe areas as she was getting fitted in her gown for the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. She also showed off a rare look at her stunning Zen garden-style bathroom and long granite tub after winning a Screen Actors Guild Award in February 2020.

Scroll down for photos of Jennifer Aniston’s Bel Air mansion.

Pumpkin Carving!
Jen shared a Halloween Instagram video where she used hacks she learned online for new ways to carve a pumpkin. Her pals, including Sandra Bullock, gathered around The Morning Show star’s stunning kitchen for the holiday fun, as a floor to ceiling glass wine cellar could be seen in the background.

The Results
How cute is Jennifer’s jack-o’-lantern? She placed a candle underneath as it lit up her stunning backyard with city views in the background.

Heavenly Tub Views
The Morning Show star revealed that she has a large floor-to-ceiling window next to her rectangular bathtub which overlooks a gorgeous private garden with wooden walls. Look how the sunlight bathes the room in such a gorgeous glow!

Keeping Fit
Stretch it! Jennifer gave fans a look at her incredible home yoga studio while flaunting her flexibility.

Sunny Bedroom
Jen gave fans a rare glimpse of where she sleeps, showing off her bed featuring a tall, padded headboard as she threw a blanket neatly across it.

Stunning Gym and Yoga Room
Downward dog! Jen’s pup Lord Chesterfield stretched out in the yoga position as the actress showed off her sunny and foliage-lined home gym. It feature floor to ceiling windows along with weight sets, kettle bells and more exercise equipment. No wonder she always looks so fit!

Living Room Cuddles
Jen’s pooch Lord Chesterfield went in for a snuggle as she sat on her living room floor and unboxed her Lolavie Perfecting Leave-In hair care product. The actress’ large, open kitchen with tall ceilings was visible behind her.

A Massive Bathroom
In a video promoting her new Lolavie hair care line, Jen showed off her huge shower and white bathroom that was so large it had room for a gorgeous blue and white tribal floor rug.

Workout Buddy
Jennifer shared a series of photos in October 2021 to celebrate Lord Chesterfield’s first birthday. In one, she showed him as a fuzzy puppy lying next to the actress as she finished up a home yoga workout.

Home Beauty Routine
The actress got ready for the 2020 Emmys — even though the nominees remained at home and appeared via remote video — by perching on a blue lounger while sipping champagne, as a face mask made her skin smooth as silk.

A Stunning Wall Hanging and Orchids
Jen did a takeover of Smartwater’s Instagram account in 2017, where she showed off six photos from inside her $21 million Bel Air estate, along with bottles of the beverage for which she’s the spokeswoman. The actress smiled while sitting on a curved, cozy gray sofa with a fuzzy pillow behind her. On her white wall, a modern gold sculpture with connected circles was visible, as a white orchid plant on her coffee table added a leafy touch.

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