Jennifer Lopez Exposes Her Deep Cleav*age In A See Through Peach Dress: Pics

Jennifer Lopez, 53, is still stunning fans with her se**y looks and toned body that will put any young actress to shame. She’s also bagging magazine covers that showcase her style and assets.

Recently, the actress posed for Vogue in a sheer peach-pink dress that highlighted her nubile body.

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The see through chiffon dress hugged her tight and flew all around her as she arched her back to push her bo**bs forward.

Vogue captioned the pic as, “It used to be about the idea of validation in other people’s eyes. It really used to be. Because I wanted to be part of the club. But I don’t anymore. There’s something bigger that I’m after. It’s about touching people’s lives and being touched.”

In an Instagram post, the singer recently put on just a lacy see through br*a that cupped her bo**bs.

She also wore a satin white robe that fell off one shoulder, highlighting her br*a strap. The actress then stared seductively at the camera as she leaned forward to show herself.

Jennifer also loves to vacation and frequently uploades beach pics for her fans. In one such pic, the hitmaker is in a bright yellow swim-suit with her hair down and ruffled by the winds.

She is resting her hand on the yatch pillows as the swim-suit gives us all a look at her smooth stomach and generous cleav*age.

In another beach photo, the actress is in a green one-piece with her hair in a bun.

The plunging beachwear is hiding her nip*ples well but the same can’t be said for the bottom that’s giving us a look at her long tanned legs.

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