Lindsay Lohan looks happier than ever as she dips into low-cut lace lingerie

Home Lindsay Lohan Fan Lindsay Lohan Looks Happier Than Ever When She Dips In Low Cutless Lingerie Lindsay Lohan Looks Happier Than Ever When She Dips In Low Cutless Lingerie Lindsay Lohan Fan There was a time when Lindsay Lohan’s life seemed to be spiraling out of control.

But since the 29-year-old moved temporarily to London to star in West End’s Speed ​​the Plow, she seems happier.

Lindsay has been spotted enjoying her long summer vacation on a few occasions – and this time she’s headed to the Greek island of Mykonos.

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Although she seems to have forgotten to pack her swimsuit. Alas, this was no distraction for the red-haired star, as she was spotted swimming in her underwear instead.

Lindsay dived into the water wearing a low-cut lace thong leotard and a pair of matching H๏τ pants, as you do.

She may not have been ready to swim, but she may have had a bit and a dip was the perfect way to cool off.

While the 29-year-old actress may have had a serious wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her nip-slip moment during her swim, we bet she’s glad she had that other white dress to change into. .

Lilo changed into a flowing white sundress from her own Lavish Alice collection and a straw hat after her swim, and her long red hair was slicked back.

The Parent Trap star was then caught with a large group of people on the sand, and as she became the center of attention, she excitedly picked up a young fan and held her in her arms, from ear to ear. Smiling as shr told him. a hug.

That same evening she posted a PHO on Instagram with renowned PHO photographer Mario Testino and designer Alan Van Unwerth.

The caption read: “What happens in Greece stays in Greece with two of my idols – can’t wait to take pH๏τos with @ellenvonunwerth I love you two.”

Lindsay has recently started traveling around so many holiday destinations that she might set a new world record, with her most recent visits including Naples, Venice and Nice.

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