Maybe you should give up makeup, Kim? Brunette in her natural beauty

It’s hard to count how many times Kim Kardashian has been accused of overusing Photoshop. The haters believed that the girl embellishes her appearance too much, deceiving the audience.

However, the celebrity has long been accustomed to criticism, so she no longer pays attention to the words of spiteful critics. What does Kim look like without makeup?

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The paparazzi captured the star as she arrived at her son Saint’s basketball game in Thousand Oaks.

This time, the businesswoman opted for a simple look consisting of a black hoodie, Supreme Yohji Yamamoto motorcycle pants and leather heeled shoes.

Kardashian hid from photographers with a torn Balenciaga cap. And yet it should be noted that in these pictures the celebrity does not look like in social networks.

By the way, in early April, it became known that Kim Kardashian would take part in the new season of American Horror Story. The reality TV star spoke about this on social networks.

However, not everyone liked the decision of the producers. “It will not be enough to have brain surgery,” criticized Sharon Stone. But we know that Kim is not afraid.

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