Megan Barton Hansen was a victim of wardrobe malfunction at the party, clearly visible cleavage

Reality show Love Island often continues to make headlines due to its commercial adult content and has recently revealed some new pictures of the show’s model Megan Barton Hansen.

Indeed, 25-year-old Megan Barton Hansen has recently been spotted at the ITV Summer Party held at the NOBU Hotel in Shoredich, London. Megan is looking extremely hot in the viral photo. The Love Island star has faced wardrobe malfunction during the period.

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In fact, she is seen in a very hot avatar in a deep-eyeprinted jumpsuit at the party, and her cleavage is clearly visible in these pictures. However, in some photos, she is hiding private parts from her hand.

You can see that the eyes of all the people present at the party were left open and they posed with Paparazi smiling. Nude makeup and pink lipstick are all set to make their look four-and-a-around. These photos of Megan are going viral on social media with a surge, which is also being liked by fans.

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