Megan Fox asked by interviewer for a kiss in extremely awkward interaction

Megan Fox was asked by an interviewer for a kiss in extremely awkward interaction.
The Transformers star looked visibly uncomfortable, and even slightly disgusted, at the interviewer’s forward request.

While Fox was desperately trying to talk about her career and introduction into the world of Hollywood – it’s clear that this interviewer only had one thing on his mind.

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Fox sat down with an interviewer from Première magazine to speak about what it was like working on Michael Bay’s blockbuster hit sci-fi flick Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Arguably one of the actor’s most famous performances, Fox opened up about the audience reactions to her involvement in the movie.

The interviewer asks the Jennifer’s Body star: “In the first Transformers, you were just like a toy – the girl of the boy.”

Through raised eyebrows and gritted teeth, Fox replies: “Sure, okay.”

He then continues to praise the director – totally disregarding the unique charisma and charm that Fox herself brought to the iconic role.
“Michael Bay made you an icon,” he claims, before asking her, “are you aware?”
Slightly patronising if you ask me.

Fox, clearly tired of the interview already, sarcastically responds: “No, I’m not aware.” Giving the clueless interviewer a run for his money, she lays into him, saying: “Are you silly?

“Do you ever just look at yourself in the mirror and you’re like, ‘I really did it today, this is the day that I really topped myself’,” she carries on.

Literally skipping straight past her question, the interviewer goes straight back into asking Fox questions about her Sєx appeal, namely focusing on the famous motorcycle scene where Fox bends over the vehicle.

“Who can’t bend over a motorcycle!” Fox exclaims. “What did I do that was so special? It’s not like I was doing one-handed cartwheels or push-ups.”

The interviewer, hammering the point yet again, states: “It’s not really about what you did but what he did, making you just look gorgeous,” referring to director Bay again.

Keeping the sarcasm rolling, Fox fires back: “Thank God for Michael Bay. If I could have Michael Bay with me every moment of every day I would, believe me.”

The interviewer then asks the star what she was ‘going to do next’ given that she is now a ‘Sєx icon’.
“You are so crazy,” Fox replies.

After the pair chatted some more about Fox’s acting career, the interviewer says: “I have one last thing.
“Please can you give me a kiss?”

Fox, slightly shocked, queries: “On the mouth?!” to which the brazen interviewer responds he’s only after some lips on cheek action as opposed to a full-blown make-out session.

After a brief hesitation, Fox replies: “Yeah, come on over,” as the two awkwardly sit together to finish the final part of the extremely awkward encounter.

“Woah,” concludes the interviewer.

Woah indeed.

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