Megan Fox is a sexy jungle ‘goddess’ in see-through, shredded dress

A Fox in a forest.

Megan Fox posed in a sheer knit dress during her steamy woodland photoshoot.
Cibelle Levi/

Megan Fox rolled out fresh snaps from her steamy astrology-themed photoshoot Wednesday, striking sexy poses in a see-through knit dress with nothing beneath.

“lilith rising,” the “Jennifer’s Body” actress captioned her post showing off the sheer and shredded style, adding a black moon emoji for good measure.

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Black Moon Lilith refers to the point of the Moon that’s farthest away from Earth (aka the lunar apogee), according to Refinery29, and “denotes our carnal desires and need for empowerment.”

Fox might feel rather empowered reading the comments on her latest upload; fans hailed her as a “goddess,” “queen” and “jungle princess.”

“lilith rising,” she captioned the sultry snaps.
Cibelle Levi/
Fans called her a “goddess” in the comments.
Cibelle Levi/

“after seeing this Lilith is not the only thing rising,” a thirsty follower wrote, while another added, “it’s giving divine feminine.”

Fox, 37, began sharing shots from her sultry woodland shoot with photographer Cibelle Levi over the weekend.

On Saturday, she quite literally went out on a limb by balancing on tree branches in a glittery green Oséree bikini ($165), captioning the pics, “the forest is my oldest friend” — and catching fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s attention in the process.

Over the weekend, another of Fox’s posts caught fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s attention.
Cibelle Levi/

“if this is what a wild animal looks like, i’d let it maul me,” MGK quipped in the comments.

And on Tuesday, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star got wet and wild in a sheer, completely soaked corset dress while taking a dip in a creek.

Despite what her titillating outdoor shoot might suggest, Fox has been open about her struggles with body dysmorphia.

Fox also shared shots in a drenched corset dress.
@cibellelevi /
Her fans have been loving her sexy forest snaps.
@cibellelevi /

I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me,” she told SI Swimsuit during an interview for the mag’s 2023 issue.

“There is never a point in my life where I loved my body, ever ever.”

At least the trees have her back.

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