Megan Fox’s “Brimstone and Fire” copper hair color is finally permanent

Megan Fox is no stranger to switching up her hair colors. From jet-black, blonde, red and pink — you never know what the star will come out with next. Most of her hairstyles are always the work of a seamless wig install, so when we realized that she’d dyed her tresses red, we were taken aback.

If you know anything about haircare, you know that taking jet-black hair to the red is a task and one only commits to it if one plans to stay that way for a while.

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We can only surmise that Fox has Fox’d it up and sticking with the ginger fox-coat red for the time being. Complementing the new color, our girl has gone with a shorter chest-length ‘do too.

Debuting the look at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, it was the perfect time to stun the mᴀsses and pull up with a new hair flex.

We can’t forget to mention the cultivators of the new moment for Fox. Colorist Jacob Schwarz took to Instagram to detail the exact formula he concocted to achieve the brimstone copper color. For the hair, stylists Priscilla Valles and her go-to Dimitri Giannetos tagged teamed her locks to bring forth the vision of life to our FYP pages.

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