Miley Cyrus Drips Arrogance In New Braless Gucci Look: Photos

Miley Cyrus has made a statement out of her punk rocker attitude. And the singer never misses a chance to show it off. The latest was when she sported a casual braless Gucci look.

The trend to showcase the luxury Italian designer has been in full flourish ever since the singer announced her Gucci partnership last year. Back then, 29 year-old Miley Cyrus was the face of the brand’s fragrances. But eventually, she expanded her deal to be an all-around Gucci ambassador.

Miley rocked the grunge aesthetic as she flaunted her kicks and near bikes. The singer struck a pose indoors in a comfortable jeans look. The photos earned over 1.1 million likes, and only for the right reason.

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The Slide Away singer, now fresh from the Gucci Love Parade campaign, squatted down to pose alongside the wood paneling and vintage motor vehicles. Miley’s expression was an offbeat and arrogant one as she rocked a skimpy and taupe cropped, tank-worn braless.

The look represented the ‘90s loudly with the signature dark and loose jeans. The ex to Liam Hemsworth continues to rock her COVID mullet. Miley accessorized her ensemble with tinted shades and sneakers. As for the brand placement, Cyrus used a monogrammed Gucci bag placed on the floor.

Miley Cyrus showing off the grunge attitude for Gucci campaign

Miley Cyrus has a massive following of 163 million on Instagram. The star’s latest post gained a like from singer Jamie Lynn Spears. She also falls into the vast category of celebrity faces now fronting designer labels. “Prisoner” collaborator Dua Lipa and rapper Cardi B are fronting Versace. Whereas, model Kendall Jenner and Netflix star HoYeon Jung handle Calvin Klein.

Miley Cyrus Is Proud To Be Gucci’s Ambassador

Miley Cyrus posing with a Gucci bag in a new braless look

Back in 2021, Miley made an official announcement regarding her partnership with Gucci to front its fragrance campaigns. The brand pulled all the stops with praise, as it stated, Miley was the “embodiment of her generation”. And that she “speaks truth to self-expression, optimism, and authenticity, acting as a muse for the new joy-fueled fantasy land created by Gucci Beauty and inspired by her unique personality.”

Gucci Allows Miley To Feel Free

Miley Cyrus partners up with Gucci in 2021

To acknowledge the brand’s gesture, Miley Cyrus honored Gucci in a July 2021 statement.

“I think and feel of my garden at home, which is unruly and free,” she explained. “It represents my spirit. It’s important to allow nature to be its truest, most authentic, magical self, and that’s what I embody when I’m wearing Flora.”

Miley Cyrus making media appearances at Gucci

Obviously, Miley has an incredible sense of style and she is very careful in representing the brands she deals with. The pandemic led her to collaborate with ice-cream giant Magnum, but a specific mention of a luxury fashion brand isn’t something you see everyday.

“[I] stay honest with myself about what my soul needs. There is a time and season for everything,” she added.

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