Miss Universe Was Crowned & Miss Montana Went Private Online After Calling Competition Rigged

Miss Universe was crowned on January 14 and the woman who took the title was none other than Miss Texas USA R’Bonney Gabriel. The contestant went against all odds after the recent controversy following her Miss USA win.

In October, Miss Montana USA Heather Lee O’Keefe, and many other competitors claimed the event was rigged after Gabriel went on a sponsored solo trip to Nizuc hours after the results were announced.

The Miss Universe organization carried out an investigation to ensure the integrity of the competition and Gabriel denied the allegations.

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However, Miss Montana wasn’t finished stirring the pot. She previously had public social media accounts and backed up her feelings about her title loss. Since then, she told Narcity that she received “de*ath thr*eats” from the public and friends of Gabriel.

After the recent global beauty pageant, O’Keefe is now private on social media.

Though the reasoning is unclear, the timing of her status change and other TikTok videos uploaded about her behavior seem to be why she is now trying to live a private life.

Miss Michigan USA 2021 and Big Brother season 24 winner, Taylor Hale, posted a clip to the app firing back at O’Keefe about some of the comments she’s been making about her Big Brother co-star Kat Dunn’s upload.

The video has an audio saying, “don’t you feel silly, don’t you feel ashamed,” with a caption that reads, “@ that girl who made all those TikToks trying to discredit Miss USA only for Miss USA to go on and win Miss Universe.”

Miss Montana commented, “feeling stupid, silly, ashamed? For helping uncover alleged se*x*ual ass@ult, misconduct and corruption within an organization?”

Hale replied in a TikTok on her own account with the screenshotted receipts.

“I’ve spoken publicly about an inappropriate experience that I had with a then co-owner of Miss USA organization…never once in your crusade against the organization did you ever contact me or ask for my permission to share my experience when you were going against Miss USA organization.”

When you click on O’Keefe’s TikTok, she is now private. She has a personal account on Instagram that is also private. Many fans have been taking notice of her decision to the account.

They are all noting how close in timing it seemed to be after Gabriel took the Miss Universe stage.

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