Nose Hair Extensions Are The New Viral Beauty Trend

When I first saw this trend, the first thing I did was take a double take, and as more and more “beauty” trends come out, the more I feel like I’m doing it. Now, I am doing it again with these new Nose Hair Extensions.

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Yes, your first reaction is probably the same as mine. And, I wish I was kidding when I said it is the newest beauty craze.

Of course, Instagram is one of the first social media platforms to go crazy. Many beauty bloggers ask if this is a yay or nay look. And, yes, I mean it when I say it’s not just one person that has tried this trend. It’s several beauty bloggers.

Although, this trend does have its perks because you get to see all the reactions. The more you look further into this trend. You will see how creative the reactions have gotten, like this fellow right here:

Of course, there are also many people blind reacting to this new trend.

Certain beauty trends have always made me scratch my head in confusion because can anyone really think of Nose Hair Extensions are a good idea? If I was ever caught wearing these, I know for a fact that it would be making me itch or sneeze uncontrollably.

Would you ever give these nose hair extensions a try? Do you think you could rock this look?

This is definitely one of those trends I will never understand. It may be a cool Halloween look though! It looks like you would be carrying around little pet spiders. In the end, some people will like trends more than others or they may just want to keep up with social media.

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