Perfect legs and slim waist! Shakira put on a skimрy dress

Now Shakira’s life is starting to play with bright colors again. Now that the singer has truly survived her divorce from football player Gerard Pique, she is increasingly going for a walk in the most daring images.

Shakira’s life is once again bursting with vibrant hues. Now that she has really recovered from her divorce from footballer Gerard Pique, the singer is regularly going for a walk in the most provocative photographs.

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Recently, the pop singer was spotted with friends in Miami. Shakira showed off her toned figure in a blue dress that also highlighted the star’s long legs and slender waist.

She completed her look with massive black glasses. Frankly, we can’t even believe that the singer is 46 years old! We can confidently say that the divorce only benefited her.

Recall that last summer, Shakira broke up with Gerard Pique after 12 years of relationship. They said that the singer became the initiator of the gap. She left the football player because of his many betrayals.

After parting, Shakira was going to leave for Miami with her sons Sasha and Milan. The move was delayed due to the fact that Gerard did not want to let his heirs go to another country. In the end, they managed to settle the issue.

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