‘RHOM’ Star Larsa Pippen Before And After The Plastic Surgery!

Larsa Pippen is one of the most famous models in the United States, Larsa Pippen gained widespread recognition after she wed Scottie Pippen. After 2018, the public observed significant changes in her appearance. She got plastic surgery, according to them.

Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen is used to dealing with allegations, as seen by her divorce from Scottie Pippen and her public rift with longtime BFF Kim Kardashian.

For the show’s fourth season, the 47-year-old made a comeback, and since then, she has come under more scrutiny for her appearance and rumors. By disclosing her plastic surgery, the founder of Larsa Marie is now putting the record straight.

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Larsa Pippen Admits To Having Undergone Three Plastic Surgery

The recent alterations to Larsa’s physical appearance came up when she returned to the Real Housewives of Miami. Adriana de Moura alleged that the former basketball wife was imitating Kim K’s style in Season 4. (Not exactly a nice remark, given the recent argument between Kim and Larsa.) Throughout the season, Larsa remained the subject of plastic surgery rumors, which persisted into the RHOM Season 4 reunion.

Host Andy Cohen asked Larsa if she wanted a Brazilian butt lift to accentuate her posterior as she was at the reunion with her co-stars, Alexia Echevarria, Lisa Hochstein, Guerdy Abraira, Dr. Nicole Martin, and Julia Lemigova. Larsa acknowledged the times she had the operation done while also denying having it done.

“My nose has been fixed. I had work done on my lips. And that’s pretty much all,” she said, adding that she had also had her breasts enlarged.

Larsa uploaded a flashback image of herself in a white bikini with her derriere fully exposed in addition to defending her natural body at the reunion. Soon after the reunion, Larsa posted the image, providing the skeptics with the evidence they were looking for.

How Does Larsa Pippen Maintain Her Body?

Larsa admits to noticing changes to her body, thus she prioritizes keeping her figure even though she claims to have only had the three surgeries she disclosed at the reunion.

She informed Andy, “I basically work out seven days a week.” I was less than 100 pounds in my photos from five years ago, if I reveal them to you. My arms and legs indeed appear thicker than they formerly did now that I weigh 140 pounds. My entire body has altered… My exercise routine has made my body tight.

However, Larsa isn’t completely ruling out further cosmetic surgery. She claimed that she always keeps an eye on fashion and is willing to try something new. But for the time being, Larsa is content with the development she is making on her own.

She declared, “I feel like I’m really advanced. “I enjoy trends, and I feel that I will do whatever to improve my appearance and sense of well-being. I fit that description, she said. “I love the way I look,” you say.

When she’s not exercising, Larsa enjoys being unmarried and co-parenting Scottie Jr., Sophia, Preston, and Justin with Scottie. After 24 years of marriage, the ex-celebrity couple obtained a legal divorce in January 2022.


Larsa Pippen hasn’t admitted to getting cosmetic surgery, but her figure did seem to have undergone significant changes. Many experts think she has had surgery done on her bottom in addition to her face and chest because she has undergone a major change in appearance over the previous few years.

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