Salma Hayek Is Having A Wednesday Moment With A Chic Black Dress

Behold, because Salma Hayek is gifting the fans with a beautiful sight! The Mexican actress, who more often than not mesmerizes the fans with her many bold pictures and poses, this time walked down a red carpet stealing everyone’s attention and looking as glamorous as ever.

The actress, who is well known for her many acclaimed films such as ‘Frida’ ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and ‘ Eternals’ has shared on her social media platform to her more than 22 million fans and followers a couple of pictures wearing a beautiful black dress that is sending the fans into a frenzy because she is looking like a recent famous Netflix star.


A black dress and a dark vibe? It seems that everyone wants to look like Wednesday Addams these days, although we have to admit that Hayek is the one who is looking best.

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of DuJour magazine, Salma Hayek wore a sheer black corsetted dress that included a lot of black lace and a ruffled tulle skirt giving some glamorous and goth vibes. To complete the look, she slicked her hair in a bun, adding a splash of pink lipstick.

The pics have already gathered thousands of likes, with a clip added where the Hollywood star is seen in a DJ booth.

Fans have flooded her comment section telling her how incredible she is looking “Beauty” and “Elegant2 were among the most repeated.

Salma Haye Slammed For Keeping Silent Over Balenciaga Scandal

Many have been the Hollywood stars and fashion figures who have been canceled over the infamous Balenciaga fashion campaign that involved kids holding BDSM teddy bears.

While Salma is not directly responsible for this, her husband, Henri Pinault is CEO of Kering, which owns Balenciaga and many other well-known fashion brands. Since then, the fashion house has apologized and made the images available, but still, it appears that no one is forgetting about it.

Having said this, it also should not come as a surprise that many fans have taken the comment section to share their anger by calling out the actress for not speaking about it. “Shouldn’t she be going live with an explanation about her husband and their companies drama?!! “ said one person, while another added “Used to be one of my all-time favorites. But you staying mute on your husband’s company and the unacceptable exploitation of kids well adios Bella.”

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