Salma Hayek Shows Gymnastics Skills Doing Backflips On A Trampoline

For those who were doubting it, Salma Hayek is proving that she can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to. The Mexican actress shared a clip where she is absolutely showing off her daring activities involving a trampoline and a couple of backflips.

The Hollywood star, who is well known for her many acclaimed films such as ‘Frida’, ‘Eternals’ and ‘Desperado’ shared on her social media platform to her millions of fans and followers a short clip where she is seen having fun.

In the background, we can hear her family cheering her up while she is standing in the middle of a trampoline. But wait, because the actress is being helped with some security cords (in order to jump higher when jumping)

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Wearing khaki pants, a red vest, and a grey shirt with long sleeves, Salma Hayek was seen nervous but ready to jump to action. “My kids refused to go on the trampoline, I guess they thought they’re too old for it but I still love it” she captioned.

According to The Daily Mail, Salma Hayek is enjoying her free time at the exclusive resort of Gstaad, in Switzerland.

With no shoes, only her purple socks Salma Hayek starts bouncing and doing some backflips with a little help. The cutest of it all is that when the clip is almost ending we can hear someone say “Push Mi Amor (my love) which we are only guessing is her husbandFrançois-Henri Pinault saying it.

Fans in her comment section were quick to drop many messages telling her how great she is looking but also, telling the actress that she is inspiring in whatever she is doing. “A part of me wants to do this, another part is scared? “ said one person while another added, “Always stay young at heart.”

Salma Hayek Does Not Have Time To Work Out

Because she is a very busy lady, Salma Hayek has revealed in the past that she does not have time to exercise. ‘I don’t have time to exercise, I am working,’ she said. ‘I’ve had some 20-hour days.’ she told in an interview with People.

So how does Salma Hayek stay in shape and looking beautiful and healthy as ever? According to the Mexican star, she tries to dance as much as possible, swim from time to time, and even, stay active by walking with her dogs. ‘This is my version of exercise and these are my #dogs coaches … These are my trainers!’ she wrote in a caption.

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