Sharon Stone, 64, Sizzles In A String B!k!ni That Displays Her Mega-Sculpted Abs In A New Instagram Photo

Summer is not over yet, and Sharon Stone is enjoying every last minute of her time in the sun. The 64-year-old actress shared an epic b!k!ni selfie on Instagram that revealed her mega-toned abs and cσntagiσus confidence. Plus, her big smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day, whether or not the sun is shinning.

“Why do I always get in shape when summers over?,” the 64-year-old actress captioned the mirror selfie. Luckily for Sharon, her sculpted abs did not go unnoticed despite the late-summer date.

In fact, her followers couldn’t seem to focus on anything else. “Lady, you’re always in shape to slay,” one said. “Still got it hun,” another wrote. A third fan eased her wσrries by saying, “the summer is never over.” Agreed—there’s always time for a b!k!ni mσment!

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When it comes to her exercise routine, “all you have to do is move,” she told Vogue. Sharon takes a unique approach to fitness that doesn’t always involve a gym trip. “People think that you have to go to the gym and you have to do 3,000 pounds of weight all the time, but you don’t.”

Instead, Sharon continuously tries to stay active wherever she is. “Periodically throughout the day, I just move my body. I do it when I’m on set. I do leg lifts and back kicks and pop down on the ground and do some jackknifes,” she told Vogue. That explains those abs!

Sharon also works out while watching TV. One of her fave at-home workout tools is The Suzanne Somers ThighMaster. “I put that between my legs while I’m watching TV, and my kids and all their teenage friends think it’s hilarious but they do it too.”

Sharon checks in with herself daily to make sure she’s giving her bσdy and mind what it needs to thrive: “We have to ask ourselves, ‘Have we contributed to our bσdy wellness, our mental wellness, and our spiritual wellness today?’” she told Vogue.

Meditating helps with these daily check-ins, and Sharon enjoys Buddhist scriptures by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai to center her mind, per Vogue.

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