The Block stars share emotional reunion after devastating $100K loss

The Block stars Tom and Sarah-Jane have reunited with their former co-stars Rachel and Ryan, just days after revealing they suffered a huge financial burden from being part of the show. According to Sarah-Jane, the pair were ‘in the red’ for approximately $100,000 due to bills and lost wages.

While the couple walked away with a measly $20,000 from the auction, their pals Rachel and Ryan scored a $169,000 profit during a post-auction negotiation. However, there is no love lost between the contestants, with the four friends taking a much-needed holiday together in Vincentia, NSW.

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Rachel and Ryan shared some sweet selfies with Tom and Sarah-Jane on Monday at the Gerringong Bowling Club, with their reunion sending fans wild.

“If this is 2023, we’re here for it!!!!!!” she captioned the snap of the four reality stars. “Four blockheads, four kids, one puppy, a packet of corn thins, and a coupla Scotch Fingers. REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!”

Tom and Sarah-Jane left hearts in the comments, and viewers were delighted to see the friends back together again.

“Omg I love how your friendship from The Block is still strong. My fav teams,” a fan gushed.

“So love your friendship with SJ & Tom, you guys had an amazing connection, so loved these guys as well,” another added.

“Loved you four [on] The Block,” a third chimed in.

“Thanks for your part of The Block 2022 and giving so much joy to so many. All the best for an amazing 2023!” commented another.

Rachel also shared a touching photo on her Instagram story, where she’s pictured kissing Sarah-Jane on the head.

Not to be outdone, Sarah-Jane reposted the same snap but added the song Been A Long Time by Australian Idol winner Wes Carr.

Tom and Sarah-Jane slammed after revealing $100,000 loss

This comes after the couple was torn apart on social media for complaining about how much being on The Block cost them.

The couple’s daily $200 stipend from Channel Nine barely covered Cleo’s daycare cost at $120 per day, and the remainder wasn’t enough to cover the rest of their bills.

The star insisted that they had “no regrets” in signing up for the show as the “experience itself was so worth it”, but the pair didn’t think about the money they risked losing.

Sarah-Jane and Tom ended up having to dig into their savings accounts during the show and estimate that they spent $40,000 to make up the difference. She added that Tom lost approximately $40,000 by not working for three months, and claimed she would have also earned around $20,000 during that time.

Fans weren’t happy with their ‘out of touch’ comments, and accused them of being ‘whingers’.

“Oh please, cry me a river. They were happy to give up 3 months that they’ll never get back for a pocket full of cash. Haven’t they seen previous episodes? Not everyone hits a jackpot. Many have come away with only a few thousand dollars, some with nothing,” one viewer fired out.

“So they make $60K in three months together and she is financially complaining! I think someone’s reality is a bit messed up!” another pointed out.

“If they had no regrets, how come they are always going on about how much money they lost. At least they won some money, Dylan and Jenny got nothing and do you hear them whinging,” added a third.

“So they made 20K plus an 80K Ute, now they’re considered celebrities, so will get paid for any future air time, either TV ads, radio, red carpets, special guest appearances, I’m sure they’re really going to suffer, remember this was their choice to enter the competition,” a third chimed in.

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