The shocking number of women who rely on makeup to feel confident and beautiful!

Online catfishing has become more and more common as social media use has grown in the last two decades. While the term usually refers to a type of online scam, where a person pretends to be someone else, these people chose to take part in the “Catfish Challenge.” They’re completely upfront about their “catfishing,” as they share with us how they’ve achieved their transformations. Take a look behind the curtain and see how these makeover masters transfigure themselves into someone else entirely.

Bronzer Is Your Friend

Female beauty standards have recently become so crazy that most of us are actually worried about leaving the house without any makeup on. Many choose a basic and quick cosmetics routine — mostly to hide our natural blemishes with some concealer, a hint of eyeliner, and a touch of blush.

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This woman, though, could be a professional makeup artist. She has clearly figured out how to completely change her face with her expert use of bronzer, especially on her neck and collarbone.

But, How?!

While we believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, some cultures praise certain features more than others. In many Asian countries, for example, the China-doll look is considered the most beautiful, while more coarse features are seen as plain.

This lady clearly knows a few secret tricks in order to turn her naturally wider face into the narrow, smooth ideal. The only way we can tell it’s the same person is by her shirt, and the fact that she has the same hair color in both photos.

Slay, Queen!

With the rise of LGBTQ+ culture in the mainstream, we’ve seen many drag queens become household names. While much of the point of a drag queen’s makeup look is to turn a masculine face into a more feminine one, we think this queen has gone above and beyond.

If we saw the lady on the right out in our neighborhood, we would have never guessed that she had started out as a shockingly handsome, mustachioed man! After all that hard work, this Queen is ready for her closeup!

Glam it Up

You know what? Sometimes, we just want to go all out and change our entire look. Like Cinderella, when we go out to the clubs, we occasionally want to party as a completely different person. This master shapeshifter obviously has the same idea.

This transformation must have taken tons of skill and time for her to pull it off so perfectly. We cannot get over the difference between the sweet homebody to the left, and the captivating glamazon on the right.

All About That Base

Say it with us — Never. Skip. Your. Primer. Look no further than our next example to see what the proper use of primer can do for you, as well as what foundation and contouring can do to transform your face completely.

This beautiful lady’s clever use of makeup has turned her into a completely different person. We love how, except for the amazing dramatic makeup highlighting her mesmerizing eyes, the rest of her face is only enhanced by her expert use of the basics.

This Girl Is on Fire

It’s amazing what a bit of color coordination between your hair, makeup, and accessories can do for a person. From a drabby wallflower, this girl has transformed — with a few alterations and clever use of the color pink (clearly a favorite) — into an ethereal fairy-queen.

We love how her beautifully drawn, pink lips and eyeshadow are perfectly complemented by her choice of foundation. And with all that pink, it was a really smart choice to resist putting on some pink blush.

Fifty Shades of Foundation

Sometimes, the difference between meh and wow can be as simple as high-quality photography. This one looks like two girls with very different skin tones, but really, it’s just amazing to see what some good lighting and foundation can accomplish.

Plus, that peacock-inspired ombre eyeshadow really brings a glowing shine to her beautiful eyes, and that eyeliner completely changes the shape of her eyes making them look wider. We also love the way she countered her cheekbones to complete the look.

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