The surgeons overdid it! Salma shamelessly bаred her brеаsts in Cannes

The stunning neckline made it possible to see everything.

Salma Hayek shone almost brightly at the Cannes Film Festival. The star of the film “Frida” distinguished herself in an outfit with a neckline that reaches to the navel.

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On the red carpet, the Mexican tried on a blackberry-wine dress. The train and frill noticeably lengthened the actress’s legs, and the petal sleeves emphasized the bust.

However, even without these details, the fans were able to see what Hayek usually hides under his clothes. The plunging neckline revealed the curvaceous 56-year-old diva. On the Web, they immediately rushed to guess: it was nature that tried on the beauty of Salma or doctors.

The Mexican wore a blackberry-wine gown on the red carpet. The train and frill elongated the actress’s legs substantially, while the petal sleeves emphasised her bust.

Even without these details, viewers were able to glimpse what Hayek usually conceals beneath his garments. The low neckline showed off the curvy 56-year-old diva. They hurried to guess on the Internet whether it was nature or doctors who tried on Salma’s attractiveness.

“The surgeons overdid it”, “Luxury”, “Breast Festival”, “Tissue deficiency, save”, “Recovered”, “Yes, you don’t know directly”, “But everyone recognized the chest,” ironically some subscribers of the StarHit Telegram channel.

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