Top 9 Celebs from the ’80s Who Ruled the World

At the end of the last century, they were at the peak of popularity, and their movies, songs, and photo shoots became huge events for their fans. For some celebs, the 80s were the biggest peak of fame, while for others, it was just the beginning, but regardless of the outcome, that era was their time to shine.

Here are the top 9 celebrities from the 80s’ who ruled the world.

1.Kim Basinger

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After the release of the film “Nine and a Half Weeks,” Kim became the sex symbol of Hollywood. The actress played a Bond girl in “Never Say Never.” Basinger won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role in “L.A. Confidential.” Currently, Kim is married to Alec Baldwin, and they have a daughter named Ireland, who is now 26 years old. At the moment, Basinger continues to act, but only in 1-2 projects a year.

2.Brooke Shields

In the 1980s, Brooke Shields became the youngest model ever to appear on the cover of Vogue. In addition, she became the first winner of the Golden Raspberry Award in the category “Worst Supporting Actress” for the movie “Speed Zone.” Young Brooke became popular in “The Blue Lagoon,” which, although not highly appreciated by critics, brought her worldwide recognition. Brooke’s unique beauty inspired Yves Saint Laurent to create many fancy designs and experiment with new stuff.

3.Julia Roberts

“Pretty Woman” turned Julia Roberts into a real star and one of the major actresses of the 80s and 90s. Since then, the celebrity has been quite active on the acting front. Throughout her career, the Hollywood darling had a chance to play many brilliant roles that solidified her skills and talent. Roberts is active on Instagram, where she shares footage from her life with the fans.

4.Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer’s movie career skyrocketed after Scarface, where she appeared side-by-side with the famous Al Pacino. Her filmography is pretty hefty and contains dozens of titles, but now the star prefers a quiet, measured life. The last time she appeared on-screen was in the movie “Murder on the Orient Express.”

5.Samantha Fox

The famous British singer Samantha Fox is known thanks to her hit song from the 80s’ – “Touch Me.” At 14, she created her own band, and a year later, she released her first record. Then the 16-year-old girl decided to spice up her portfolio and agreed to appear topless. That’s when the popularity really kicked in. The blonde began to receive offers from glossy men’s magazines left, right, and center. As you can imagine, by the time she was 20, she became a sex symbol not only in Britain but the rest of the world. In 2003, Samantha Fox announced her homosexuality, fell in love with her publicist Myra Stratton and had been in a loving relationship with her for 12 years. Sadly, Myra died of cancer.

6.Christie Brinkley

She gained fame as the wife of Billy Joel but being on three covers of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition between 1979 and 1981 led to major contracts with Chanel, Vogue, and Max Factor. Since then, the model has become a successful businesswoman, fashion designer, and actress, but her real passion in life now is humanitarian work. Brinkley has received countless awards for her charity work and is an expert on everything from heart disease to vegetarianism. She now has three kids from four marriages.

7.Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford was a massively successful fashion model in the 80s, appearing on countless covers and taking strolls down the catwalk regularly. Every boy in the 80s’ had her poster pinned to a wall somewhere. Marrying Richard Gere was fun, but she divorced him in the mid-90s to marry Randy Gerber in 1998. This was the right decision as even their kids, Presley and Kaya, followed in their parents’ modeling footsteps.


After Peter Beard first discovered this Somali-American gem in the rough, Iman became one of the major models of the 80s and 90s’. Iman’s slender stature and unique figure made world-renowned designers like Gianni Versace and Yves Saint Laurent fight over her. But why choose one famous designer when you can have both? In just a few years, Iman appeared on the covers of hundreds of glossy magazines. When modeling stopped being fun, Iman turned to something all models do sooner or later – entrepreneurship, in particular, selling cosmetics. In 1992, Iman got married to David Bowie, and they lived happily together for 24 years until he passed away.

9.Christina Applegate

Some viewers remember Christina for her roles in the T.V. series “Friends,” where she played Rachel’s sister, but most of her fame came from the sitcom series “Married with Children.” More recently, Christina Applegate has been popping off in movies like “Bad Moms” and “Anchorman 2,” as well as Netflix’s dark comedy series “Dead to Me.” In 2021, Applegate announced that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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