Veronika Rajek ‘brings Sєxy back’ with tantalizing message on Instagram

Veronika Rajek has officially ‘brought Sєxy back’. The gorgeous blonde Slovakian bombshell posted yet another jaw-dropping video on Instagram which was captioned: ” The message is clear: I’m bringin’ Sєxy back.”

She’s not wrong: the video is perhaps her Sєxiest to date. In the clip, the former ‘Miss Slovakia’ can be seen elegantly walking through an exotic beach side terrace dressed in a luscious orange ʙικιɴι and high hills. She oozed with confidence as she walked seductively through the sun, with her beautiful blonde locks bouncing in the sea breeze.

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Her figure, as always, caught the eye of fans on Instagram. “Legggggggsssssssss,” commented one user with ten fire emojis. “It’s probably illegal to look so good,” said another. Despite being 5ft 11, Rajek is incredibly curvy, and fans just can’t wrap their heads around it.

Veronika Rajek shares cryptic message after delighting fans with stunning 'mermaid vibes' bikini post | The US Sun

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