Watch: Jennifer Aniston almost flashes a bit too much flesh at We’re The Millers premiere

We love Jennifer Aniston for many reasons – she starred in Friends for many years which was one of our favourite shows EVER, she’s funny, pretty and is in loads of our favourite movies.

So we were pleased to see she was in tip top shape at the premiere of her new comedy We’re The Millers in London on Wednesday night where she posed up a storm as she arrived at the glamorous event.

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Jennifer, who attended the event with co-star Jason Sudeikis, who plays character David Clark, arrived to deafening screams from fans who were waiting to get an autograph and a picture with the actress and the excellent Jen was more than happy to meet as many people as possible.

This all sounds like pretty standard business for a movie premiere but it got even better when Jen, who was flashing the massive engagement ring she was given by fiancé Justin Theroux, almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction and showed her private parts as she leaned in to pose with fans.

However, the star didn’t seem to mind and laughed it off by pulling a funny face as she headed further down the red carpet blue carpet and towards the entrance of the cinema.

But, in all seriousness, Jennifer did look great at the glitzy bash in a summery blue dress with a floral print. When asked how she felt before going into the premiere, she said: “So good, so happy to be here. [The fans are] the most incredible group of people.”

Opening up on her decision to appear in the film, she added: “It was one of those stories where the original idea about these down and out people, the drug dealer, the people stuck and then David just gets his ass kicked and he has to smuggle the drugs and get across the border… It’s just really ballsy and silly.” Take a look at all the magical glitz and glamour in the gallery below.

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