We Exclusively Meet Victoria’s Secret’s First Red-Haired Angel, Alexina Graham

Alexina Graham certainly has charisma to spare. You will be desperate to go to the club with Alexina as soon as you see her. As fiery as Alexina’s red hair is, so is her personality.

The Midlands woman, 29, has achieved one of the rarest feats in modeling by becoming an official Victoria’s Secret Angel thanks to this combination of sᴀss. While some angels may participate in the show, only a small number acquire full wings. Alexina joins Gisele, Tyra Banks, and Adriana Lima in being adorned in rhinestones and feathers when she achieves this honor. Barbara Palvin, Alexina’s real-life best friend, joins her as one of the newest angels at Victoria’s Secret.

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Being an Angel at Victoria’s Secret gives you a lot of power. Being a redhead VS angel, in my opinion, enтιтles me to more exposure for redheads. Being an angel helps me reach out to the media so I can tell young redhead kids, “You can do anything you want!” Nothing is out of reach!

Be ᴀssured. Don’t pay any attention to what others have to say about you. No matter what, be a powerful woman or man! Be kind to people at all times because you never know where they might end up or where they might end up. Kill people with kindness and a smile!

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