When Megan Fox Made Every Heart Slid Smooth Through Her Curvaceous Figure In A Thigh-High Slit Gown

Ever since Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly made their relationship official, they have been in the news for every possible reason. From the actress calling the singer her ‘twin flame’ to revealing they drink each other blood, the two have convinced their fans that they are inseparable. But reportedly, there have been some troubles in their paradise recently. Their fans are rooting for them while they are working on their relationship. To remind us of their one-of-a-kind love, we bring you their H๏τ pictures from a last year’s event.

Apart from having similar spiritual beliefs, Megan and MGK have a similar tastes in fashion as well. They love to dress to make a statement, make their own trends, not give two hoots about what the world says and look super H๏τ while doing so. In 2021, they served us a couple and fashion goals, and we cannot get over it anytime soon. Scroll on to learn more.

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For the Time 100 Gala, 2021, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox made an appearance together as a dynamic couple. While the actress donned a coppered coloured gown, her partner sported a mesh corset, latex shrug with matching gloves. He paired his dom-style top with black, glossy leather pants and pulled his platinum blond hair in a top knot bun. He completed the look with a pair of black boots and gave us a major ‘when-the-Witcher-met-the-Targaryen‘ vibe.

While Machine Gun Kelly opted for an all-black look, Megan Fox chose everything bright and dazzling. She wore an off-shoulder golden satin gown by Egyptian designer Maison Yeya. The ripples on the bodice hugged her тιԍнтly, accentuating her perfect body and curves.

On the skirt, the ripples and layers flowed in an asymmetric pattern that looked inspired by fire. It looked like the actress was draped lovingly in an expensive copper plate that made her look a million bucks. The s*xiest bit was the thigh-high slit that exposed Megan’s entire right leg. The extra detailing of the silhouette around her waist made her look even more voluptuous.

This look also marked Megan Fox’s debut with red hair, and god, did she look stunning in it?! For the makeup, she opted for bold scarlet lips and glittery eyes with really long lashes. She carried a statement clutch that flaunted huge golden semicircular buckles. Megan held it in a way that gave an illusion of bracelets.

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